I followed the ‘instructions’…why have I not found peace?

ladder 2

I followed the instructions, I built the ladder of success rung by rung. I carefully placed each piece of wood into its proper place and snuggly secured it. In fact I continue to sand and prep the rails for new rungs to be added. The ladder of my life; and I’ve checked all the boxes. I am supposed to have a great big successful life that fulfills me; that’s why we follow the instructions! Rather than fulfillment I find myself hopeless, destitute and without passion for life. How can this be?

I got into a top tier college, followed by a good degree in a lucrative field. I continued on to get two amazing jobs with Fortune 500 companies that paid very well. I networked, built relationships, and skills sets. I learned all the right things to say and put myself in front of all the right people to say them to. I am on a fast track; promoted twice in two years and can see the bright future ahead. I am even good at it! I am climbing that ladder. So you see… I FOLLOWED the instructions, and the ladder of my career is not only like the picture on the box but its even better.

Why then have I not found peace? I was in full compliance with the manual…so its all supposed to work out, right? Right?? Wrong!

I didn’t follow MY instructions. I never made an intention to choose the life I was leading. I was letting “the right thing to do” get in the way of that. Well today.. today that changes. In a short 12 months time I will leave a stable, well paying career with endless opportunities for advancement to embark on a journey through my instruction manual. A journey to build a new life full of hope, happiness and passion. This blog will follow that journey and offer my insights to you as you find the intentions to YOUR choices.


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